Christopher M. Brown

I am a PhD candidate in the Political Science Department at the University of Pennsylvania interested in studying Congress, coding in Python, building+analyzing large datasets, and encouraging transparency in government


My research focuses on Congress, American Foreign Policy, political institutions, and the application of natural language processing to the study of American politics. Learn more about those here.


I'm involved in a few projects related to political science and open government initiatives. One of these is StateRep.Me a web application designed to enable Pennsylvanians to monitor the activity of their representatives in Harrisburg to help increase accountability in State Politics.

Code + Data

Check out some of the code and data used in my research and other projects. Most of the code will be for Python, R, and Stata for natural language processing, causal inference, and data visualizations.


I write blog posts about politics, natural language processing, data visualization, research in political science, and other random topics.